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Anne’s Comments The 2019 vintage was characterized by a beautiful sunshine that gave to the red wines pretty deep colours and black fruit aromatic profiles. The tannins are both structured … Read More


Anne’s Comments My son Paul after an experiment in our Minervois estate came back in Burgundy to help us. 2018 vintage confirms a unique feeling of satisfaction ! Very watered … Read More


Anne’s Comments 2017 vintage confirms the 7 series (1997, 2007) presenting itself with charm and smoothness. A hot and dry summer gave us a correct quantity of grapes except in … Read More


Anne’s Comments 2016 is a very small crop because of the severe spring frost which impacted Burgundy a lot. Despite this catastroph, the rest of the year happened well and … Read More


Anne’s Comments My daughter Julie joined the estate this year, so we continue the adventure together ! 2015 is still a vintage with low production but of high quality and … Read More


Anne’s Comments 2014 is a classical vintage which expresses very well the nuances and differences of terroirs. The sunny weather of beginning of September helped to ripe and refine the … Read More


Anne’s Comments 2013 was a vintage of very low production, the latest and maybe the most complicate we never made. We started to pick October 7 to finish October 18 … Read More


Anne’s Comments 2012 is a vintage with low yields because of coulure and millerandage which particularly affected the old vines. Red wines are exceptionnal and full-bodied, and long-life structured. We … Read More


Anne’s Comments 2011 vintage, a great surprise ! After a spring liking a summer, a fast growth, in July and August we suffered from rains. There were a lot of … Read More


Anne’s Comments A great vintage by turn of events ! After a rather late bud breaking due to a cold and long winter, sun alterned with clouds until flowering. The … Read More


Anne’s Comments Are the 9 vintages all beautiful ? After a serie of difficult vintages we were finally rewarded for our work. A beautiful sunny summer gave us an early … Read More


Anne’s Comments Again a difficult year for grapes in Burgundy ! After a long, cold and humid winter, spring and summer were also gloomy with many rains and sunshine deficit. … Read More


Anne’s Comments 2007, my twentieth vinification ! A new appellation is arrived : Echezeaux ! My guest house is opened with oenotouristic visits organized by Elodie my assistant. We have … Read More


Anne’s Comments Born of a contrasted climat, this vintage is very balanced and harmonious. After a cold, long and snowy winter, we lived a particularly hot beginning of summer. That … Read More


Anne’s Comments The winter was rather cold and dry until mid-March resulting in a late bud break around April 25. Then we benefited an exceptionally hot month of May giving … Read More


Anne’s Comments Spring happened well, foreshadowing a classical vintage. Blooming occured around June 20, the cool and rainy summer made the grapes swell. It was easy to thin out the … Read More


Anne’s Comments Flowering happened quickly and regularly around June 8 scheduling picking around September 6. Early vintage, a good omen. Then the strong heat and the increasingly worrying drought sharply … Read More


Anne’s Comments The vintage 2002 started well, pruning finished on time, Spring rains didn’t interfere with ploughing. The bud break was quite early and we were a little afraid of … Read More


Anne’s Comments After a mild and gloomy winter, beginning of spring was very rainy. It rained 3 times more than usual, the soggy soils remained in our memories as a … Read More


Anne’s Comments After a late bud break in mid-April, vegetation exploded in growth in May tu June that condensed all the green works (debudding, tying up, thinning, treatments, trimming…) on … Read More


Anne’s Comments We are still pursuing our efforts to an organic culture of our vineyards but under the pressure of rainfalls and high temperatures we deemed that using synthetic fungal … Read More


Anne’s Comments We have successfully pursued our work in organic farming. The harvest started the 21st of September with a beautiful weather along all the picking. We were very selective … Read More


Anne’s Comments 1997 was one of the earliest vintage of the last 60 years. We never obtained so much level of sugar rate on all our parcels. We chose to … Read More


Anne’s Comments The 1996 vintage surprised us in many ways : normal budding, early, rapid and regular flowering around June 10 auguring an uniform ripeness and good yields. A beautiful … Read More


Anne’s Comments We are happy to announce you our estate became Domaine Anne Gros. The 1995 vintage started with a great winter softness until middle of March. Then April, May … Read More