Anne’s Comments

2013 was a vintage of very low production, the latest and maybe the most complicate we never made. We started to pick October 7 to finish October 18 under the usual foggy weather of this month.

We suffered from coulure, millerandage on our old vines and from rot and game animal damages on our other vines. That is the reason why we didn’t produce Chambolle “La Combe d’Orveau” in 2013.

We needed to work very carefully in the winery in order to avoid the extraction of  too drying compounds.

We finally managed to obtain harmonious wines without the astringency that we feared about. They have floral aromas and red berries notes immediately enjoyable but because of the few tannins we don’t bet on a long life.

The production of white wines was also reduced but they are very nice with their roundness and freshness.

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