Richebourg Grand Cru

It’s a name that evokes richness, even a certain heaviness… which sometimes can be attributed to the confusion some people have.

It is in fact an extraordinary wine in that it combines power with supreme elegance. We often describe it as a peacock’s tail. The silky, velvetiness of the tannins is complemented by a minerality which adds powerful depth and makes this grand cru one of the most sensual and complex wines.

Its purple colour reflects like a jewel the purity of Pinot Noir. The aromas are extremely complex and express an entire spectrum.
The floral aspect is characterised by notes of peony, roses and violets…
The spicy aspect by notes of licorice, vanilla and coriander…
The fruit aspect by notes of red and black fruit (raspberry, black currant…)
The vegetal aspect by notes of undergrowth, methyl, fresh cut herbs…

The exotic aspect by notes of leather and musk… notes of caramel and chocolate bring it all together. It is a wine which with age becomes more and more earthy (humus, wet undergrowth) and wild (animal fur…). The food and wine pairings are many, but a dish must never be over complicated once you decide to open a Richebourg. The simplest mix of flavours gives the best results. The fundamental rule is to avoid suffocating this wine with heavier dishes.

Red meat and roasted game with mushrooms (morels, truffles, ceps…) and onion confit, along with a dash of spice form a magnificent combination. Mild cheeses (compté, reblochon, cîteaux…) are also excellent companions.

Ageing in barrels (30% new oak)