2006 – Clos Vougeot

Le Grand Maupertui

This 0.93 ha single block parcel was bequeathed by Louis Gros to his son François. It was planted in 1905. In reality, the regularity of replanting makes the average age of the parcel 50 years old.

It is situated just underneath Grands Echezeaux in the locality of « le Grand Maupertui ». We have revived the name of the locality given by the Citeaux monks and featured it on the label.

The etymology may come from « millepertuis », a plant with yellow flowers used for its dermatology properties or, probably more likely, from « pertus », which means « well » in Latin. Not that there was thought to be a well on this site, instead it refers to a gentle hollow in the landscape situated in the large breadth of the anticlinal valley of the Combe d’Orveau.

The latter hypothesis is more likely as there is another locality called « Petit Maupertui ». It is reinforced by a levy carried out in Clos Vougeot by the GEST (Organization of study and sustainment of terroirs). Here one observes the presence of deep clayey soil, with variable soil grain before reaching the larger rocks in comparison with other areas of the Clos.

The parcel slopes slightly offering excellent natural drainage and the surrounding wall of Clos Vougeot protects it from slow yet inevitable erosion. This gives us approximately 1,50 m at various levels between the road which joins Vosne with Château du Clos Vougeot.