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Our Recommendations

Contrary to any given ideas, goat cheese has never been the red wines' ideal companion. Its sour milk goes really well with dry white wine.

The ideal serving temperature no longer has anything to do with the word "room" in an age of well heated homes. For reds, a temperature of 15°C seems ideal. If your dining room is hotter than 20°C, serve the wine slightly cool as the temperature rises very quickly in the glass. For white wines, 10-12°C seems perfect. Do not hesitate to put your bottle in the fridge for a few minutes if the temperature of your cellar is a bit higher.

Of course, the glass in which the wine is served is very important, the golden rule is to always use a glass with a stem so that it may be held without heating up the wine. An elegant shape is always welcome. Be careful of smells from the cupboard, cardboard boxes and dish towels...

It is preferable to choose the wine in advance so that the bottle may remain standing up in your cellar for a few hours, any sediment will settle on its own. It is rarely necessary to decant our wines, except for those vintages which you absolutely want to open before they have reach their prime.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.
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