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Anne Gros

Anne Gros, the only daughter of François Gros, has established a solid character and reputation in the wine world after taking over her father's domaine in 1988.

At 25 years old, Anne saw the family domaine grow from 3 to 6.5 ha. Recently, she invested in a new cellar. She is a winegrower suspicious of certitude and fastidious about maintaining her freedom.

As a woman winegrower, Anne knew how to prove herself and convince all who doubted of her ability to manage a domaine. She showed that she had not only the shoulders but the head to make her family heritage one of the greatest domaines of Burgundy.

In 1984 she had to stop studying Arts to study vines'culture and oenology in Beaune and Dijon. Now her passion for vine and wine as well as her talent, sensitivity and professionalism posit her as a winemaker amateurs can rely on.

Mother of three children
, Anne spends all her time working at the Domaine and taking care of her family.

Le 4 Octobre 1997, Anne a été intronisée au château du Clos Vougeot Chevalier de la Confrérie du Taste-vin parrainée par la confrérie des Chevaliers du Taste-vin d'Amérique représentée par M. Bernie Alsobrook d'Atlanta. Une grande émotion.

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